Become a Social Media Genius by Using Clipparoo for Posting

Sometimes posting to social media directly from a website article makes me nervous – I want to be more thoughtful in my postings so that followers see my posts as valuable.  I’ve found Clipparoo makes social media postings effortless and helps me keep those posts consistently valuable and interesting. When I see articles or sites that are of interest to me, but I’m not yet ready to post them to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, I just Clipp them to my “Clipparoo Social Media” Clippboard and plan to use them later.  It’s so easy! (Want to remember to post something at a later date?  Be sure to use Clipparoo reminders

Click the graphic below to watch a two minute video on managing your Social content so you look like a genius.


“Clipparoo is to Pinterest what LinkedIn is to Facebook”

A guest post from Wanda Alexander, CEO Horizon Consulting Incorporated and WAA LLC remember the days when a great article was ‘clipped’ from a newspaper with physical scissors and stuck on a cork-board next to your desk. If you wanted to read it again on a Saturday morning, you were back in the car rushing to the office.

The internet has changed this immensely, but until the day I opened a new email from CEOExpress Company founder Patricia Pomerleau announcing the beta launch of Clipparoo, nothing I had come across had so completely bridged the ‘bookmarking for business’ gap.

Clipparoo has already become my go-to for business collaboration. As a mentor to small business leaders and to young women in and pursuing business through WAA LLC, I am creating collaborative Client Pages to seamlessly share relevant and personalized messages, articles and documents with clients.

At Horizon Consulting – providers of high volume workflow management to government agencies and commercial banks – I use the Clippboard feature, which has become one of my favorite aspects of the platform, to Clipp and share coverage, press releases and so much more to my team members and business partners.

Other bookmarking and client communication tools are nice, but they don’t allow me to create something special for my clients – Clipparoo is simply more mature and allows me to collaborate with clients and share resources in a unique way. You are truly able to create something 100% catered to your client, instantly making them feel valued and empowered.

For personal use I think that being able to categorize my interests with folders, sub-folders and Client Pages is invaluable. Documents, commentary, articles and more can be sent to one person, an entire team or simply saved to my personal boards to read later.

Clipparoo provides me, WAA LLC and Horizon Consulting Incorporated with an additional service to offer clients, customers and partners – immediately adding tangible value. I can’t imagine life without it!

If you have any questions about what Clipparoo can do for your business or if you’d like to participate in the Clipparoo guest blog program, please get in touch at Register for Clipparoo beta free of charge today at:

Clear the clutter on National Clean Out Your Inbox Week with Clipparoo

Yes, we know there are lots of different and strange weeks. It’s probably close to impossible to come up with something that doesn’t have a national or official day or week (don’t worry, we’re all set for National Accordion Awareness Month and Wear Brown Shoes Day).

National Clean Out Your Inbox Week is one that we do feel a little closer to, and not because of any strong distaste for accordions or brown shoes – we like both, but because the overflowing email box is just one of the problems we set out to conquer when we designed Clipparoo.

Here’s some numbers to get you thinking:

  • 28% (13 hours) of our workweek is spent sending, reading, sorting and deleting emails according to a report from the McKinsey Global Institute
  • There will be 4.3 billion email accounts by 2016
  • 60% of readers who save email to read later never go back to it
  • 236.8 million – the number of email users in the US by 2017, according to eMarketer
  • 17% of Americans create a new email address every six months

The sheer volume of email traffic is enormous and is increasing exponentially.  Clipparoo helps you to organize and share content with friends, colleagues and social contacts in a simple and easy fashion with our single-sign portal.  Why not try it out for yourself? Clipparoo Beta is available free of charge. Sign up here:

Clipparoo “brings client relationships to the next level”

As the Clipparoo team heads into our first full week of beta testing, we‘re thrilled with the initial feedback on our new collaborative clipboard platform.

Jim Burns, president and CEO of Fairway Landscaping and Lawn Care – an environmentally-conscious landscaping firm serving a variety of clients in the Boston area  – stopped by our Clipparoo Facebook page to share his excitement and let our social community know how the platform has helped transform his external business communications. Look what Jim had to say!

Clipparoo testiomial

By using Clipparoo Client Pages, business people like Jim are now able to seamlessly create, track and continue conversations about uploaded documents, reports and Clipped web content. They can also set reminders and tasks – and link to Dropbox and other external necessities – all in one branded workspace.

To find out more about how Jim is using Clipparoo for client management and communications, please view the ‘City of Clippsville’ public example here. For an example of how Clipparoo Client Pages are used for sales, marketing and new business leads, view ‘Clippsville Landscapes’ here.

Join us (it’s free!) – sign up to take part in our beta test.

Stay in the loop – connect with us on social media: @Clipparoo, +Clipparoo and ‘Like’ Clipparoo.

Collaborative clipboards for business: Clipparoo beta goes live!

Welcome to the Clipparoo blog. Today is a massive day for everybody here at CEOExpress Company (particularly our hard-working development team!) as we unveil Clipparoo – collaborative clipboards for business and beyond.

So what exactly is Clipparoo?  Designed for everyone, from business professionals to hobbyists, Clipparoo is a digital collaboration platform that allows you to easily collect, organize and share text, documents, images and videos with colleagues, customers and social contacts. It’s a refreshingly simple single-site alternative to emailing documents and links, hoarding bookmarks across browsers, juggling multiple project management tools, and managing complex customer reporting software. With Clipparoo you can quickly and easily upload documents or add interesting online content to public, private or client-facing ‘Clippboards’, before hooking up with social media to discuss what you have shared.

But why not discover Clipparoo for yourself? Clipparoo Beta is now available FREE of charge at:

Register today to be among the earliest adopters of Clipparoo. You will:

  • Begin sharing and commenting on news, images and documents from any device
  • Start organizing content in familiar folder structures to share with friends and colleagues.
  • Cut down on that inbox flab and improve the flow of information around your business.
  • Create branded, client-ready workspaces to update customers, assign tasks, discuss actions, set deadlines, send reminders and share output.
  • Or just make the most of Clipparoo’s live-tiled News Center to access and share top business, technology and national stories and trends, categorized by feed or topic.

We’re extremely excited to discover all of the clever ways that our first-generation of Clipparoo users will use the platform to make their work and social lives easier, smarter and more fun. So please get clipping!

Sign up now for our FREE Clipparoo beta at: